Wednesday Wrap-up Write-up

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I've been staring at my actor website to-do list for the past hour and I've been inspired by social media hashtags to organize and categorize all of my tasks using alliterations (i.e. Throwback Thursdays). While everything did fit nicely, Wednesdays sort of hang there left out and unwanted, so I decided to give Wednesdays some love by preparing my Friday blogs and... doing the Wednesday Wrap-up Write-up.

Up until now, I've been focusing on blindly moving through all of my ideas without any feedback, notifications or documentation. That stops now. Wednesdays fall nicely in the middle of the week, so that I can review what I did thus far and what's planned for the rest of the week. Not sure if any of you will find this idea helpful, but I'm definitely digging this so far, so let's see if I can keep on doing that each and every week. Wish me luck. :)

Actor Website Ideas
Contemplating Actor Website ideas?

Actor Website write-up for 11/28:

This week started of really busy considering that on Cyber Monday we sent out few invites to some of our friends and the response was pretty great, so that surely kept us busy. I'm very excited to welcome over a dozen new members to our family here at Web For Actors, and excited to help them out with their sparkling new actor website.

Tuesday started off with a webinar by Wendy Alane Wright over at Stage 32. Definitely quite a lot of great advice for actors about online presence. A lot of it is the same advice I've been preaching for years, but obviously as a manager, Wendy knows way more about the non-online lives of actors more than I ever will, so I tuned in and listened carefully. All in all, great stuff.

I've played around with website as my bookmarks bar is always exploding with information and I can never get a good handle on it, but I sure as heck did not like their UI, not the new one, not the old one. I dig the fact that they have an easy to use API, but if that's the way I'm thinking of going, I might as well create a tool like that myself, and... add it as a bonus for all the actors who could take advantage of it... right? So yes, that's now planned for the Q2 of 2019.

What's coming up for your Actor Website:

I've set up a cron system over at and I will work on giving you an ability to access it as well. It will help you to schedule and automate some of your own tasks, reminders and so on. For those of you who want to boost your IMDb score a bit, check out one of my starmeter blog posts here and you'll learn how that can be done with a simple cron job.

I've fixed some broken links that were still a result of switch from IADB over to domain. Certainly there wasn't much left there, but now everythings should be peachy.

For the rest of this week, I'm planning to work on the new template and possibly work on connecting to paid accounts here at Web For Actors, so that users can easily generate a neat little template with just a few clicks.

The screenshotbin website is shutting down and that is the website we've been using for generating website previews. We will probably switch over to MicroLink for the screenshot needs, as they have a nice little feature that uses structured data to create neat little previews. Well, we will see soon how that works out.

I might also take another look at the business cards for actors designs. I have a few, but I'd like to create a freebie that anyone can use and export with ease. You know I've been preaching those as well for quite a while (no more cocktail napkins!), so rather than nagging, it would be better if I offer an actionable and affordable advice. Come to think of it, I might just do it now and get it over with, so that means that this will probably be the blog post for Friday, unless something goes awry.